Saturday, November 5, 2011

Dear Drive-Thru Kid,

Just because i come and order a 'chocolate cookie dough shake with extra cookie dough' and sound like a frantic obese person via drive thru speaker.....does NOT mean you should expect me to be feeding more than myself and hand me my ginormo shake with two spoons.

one spoon, buddy boy. uno.

look of shock when you realize that yes, its JUST me in the car ordering that huge thing? slightly offensive but classic.

Ever since i realized a Jake's Over the Top still existed and that it just so happened to be across the street from McKay-Dee......i've only been coming once a week for 3 months now every Thursday. You should know by now.
So what if my theighs rub together when i walk?
Cookie dough is my derek. I am meredith..and cookie dough is my derek. okay!?

One spoon next time, kid..or you get my fist,


Summer said...

hahahahaha. love it. anddd love milkshakes.

Kaeli said...

Um hi. Will you please post more??? Please. I think you are hilarious.