Monday, October 10, 2011

Dear Vicious Snorer Neighbor

I'm legitely concerned for your health. Do you have a breathing problem? By the sounds of your large, furry mammal-like 'ggngnhhhh and gunnnuuuuh', your throat must look like raw meat. You also must be in the upper righthand corner of our building, if i am correct.  Its actually quite impressive that your snoring is carrying this far. Your poor, poor roommates!

Im going to try to go to sleep in the next few hours... so i'd appreciate it if you muffled your bearcalls with a pillow. THAT..or..get a breathing strip..a snoring ring..plug your nose... plug your mouth. Try something..because if you don't, imma bout to come up there and do something about it.

(and by the looks of your front porch, i'm gonna have to bring a bat to keep myself safe if i step inside your house. So, don't think i'm a burgalar...just an annoyed neighbor with a bat k.)

neighborly love,


brittyd said...

you are making me rofl way hard on your blogs lately.
I love that you used the word, "legitely."


Summer said...

HAHAHAHAHA ohmygosh. wonderful. i am going to print this out and slip it under his door.