Thursday, March 31, 2011

Dear Rebecca Black,

For you.. i have only a few things to say:

1. In your youtube sensation "Friday", i hope you know people are watching it because its so awful.

2. If the literal pain a dog feels when it is getting nuetered had a sound, your voice would be it.

3. 'gotta wake up gotta get my cereal gotta go to the bus stop theres my friends front seat back seat which seat will i take' lyrics dummy. You have the i.q. of frozen yogurt.

4. Congratulations, because no matter what.. haters have "Friday, friday, friday.." burned into their brains.

Mission accomplished, you annoying 14 year old. At 14 i was focused on looking cute in gym class..and at 14 youre a youtube sensation because you are an embarrassment to society.



jackie herself said...

give her a break. her lyric are no dumber than lady gaga's or brittney spears. plus, she's just a little kid. who cares if she not stupendous? additionally, she just got a record deal. go figure.

Kait said...

why are you so hilarious?
I'm definitely thinking we should be friends.

cole linnae said...


Anonymous said...

hahaha I agree. if she can get a record deal anyone can!

Skylar and Isaac said...

um... did you see how her song was on glee the other night.. i was a little upset! :)