Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Dear Sick and Twisted,

I enjoy my Psychology class. What i do not enjoy, is sitting next to you. First of all, if your toe hair sticking out of your sick mandals wasnt enough, the way you mutter under your breath drives me insane. FYI, your creepy accent makes you sound like jafar when you talk, and i think you have pure evil running through your veins.

Talking about Milgrams Electric Shock experiment was really quite fascinating, even though it was sad to realize how many people in the world will follow orders even if it involves harming others. What was NOT fascinating and was actually quite disturbing, was hearing your evil little snicker when Professor Bates went into detail about what would happen when someone applied 600 volts of shock to the other person. You are entertained by others pain, are you not? Who sprinkled demon on your effing cheerios this morning!?!?!?

Hearing you LAUGH at the pictures he showed of people getting killed in various wars made me sick. Hearing you mumble.. "The last time i killed someone...". I'm glad i ignored you when you tried to comment to me. I'm glad i glared at you. I'm glad that I had enough restraint not to yell at you so that i would not cause a scene. You are a sick and twisted bastard. And if i wasn't positive you'd come after me, I would have slapped you so hard that you would have wet yourself.


P.S. I am usually a nice, classy person. And i feel zero tolerance for tools like you.

P.S. again..If you ever.. and I mean EVER, try to sit by me again, I will castrate you. With a butter knife.