Friday, September 21, 2012

Dear Anonymous,

Saw you read my last post. Need you to know i loved your comment.

"Anonymous said...
Wow. Hopefully one day the rest of mankind can achieve your level of perfection. After reading through a few posts I see that you have issues. You are 100% un-funny. Get well soon."

LOL to the LOL to the LOL to the LOL. i can't stop rofling.

You just made my day.
And while you're at it blog-commenting anonymously... you might wanna look for your panties. I think they're in a bunch somewhere.



Justin and Melissa said...

I love your posts and look forward to them! and I love that you posted about this haha

p.s. you are funny.

Robby Spratt said...

You know what? Everybody has disappointments, frustrations, and difficulties of various kinds. I actually think it's quite healthy to outlet these feelings on a blog, rather than keep them all bottled up. Blogs that just complain all the time aren't very fun, but blogs like yours, where you talk through some of the things you face, are often cathartic. Many times I've read one of your posts and though that I've been through something similar. It is therapeutic knowing that someone else has faced a similar situation and has worked through it.
I say keep up the good blogging!