Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Dear Sluts,

Go back to MySpace.

i'm TOTES sick of your kissy faces all over facebook.
and sick of your peace signs and ratted hair.
and PLEASE for the love of liza, start wearing clothes.

if your dress is actually a shirt, you should probably start reconsidering your wardrobe.
if people have named your always-poppin-out-boobs.....probs should consider changing your wardrobe.
if from behind your pervy brother is mistakenly and accidentally attracted to you...you should probs reconsider your wardrobe.

you are not fooling anyone with that victorias secret 'add-a-cup' bra, ps.
you slutty girls make me nervous for the younger generation.

if bratz dollz weren't teaching them how to look like a whore already, you in your booty shorts, tube tops and high heels are doing the trick.

fail...womankind.....fail to all of you!


Robby Spratt said...

This is pretty much an amazing post. Well said. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow. Hopefully one day the rest of mankind can achieve your level of perfection. After reading through a few posts I see that you have issues. You are 100% un-funny. Get well soon.