Saturday, September 18, 2010

Dear Toolbags of Logan, UT...

If you are going to be completely tactless in your necklaces, spiked hair and shizzed out cars, at least have some more decency than being the guy that hits on girls while you are alone at the pool working on your tan and listening to the 'good girls gone bad' song. If i had it my way, you get one choice of tool to limit the doucheness of the city of Logan.. It goes as follows:

1. Car that you pimped out on MTV
2. Daily activity involving 3-4 hours at the gym
3. Time spent in the mirror
4. Number of necklaces you wear
5. How you say the word "YYYyyyeeaaaaAA"
6.  Poor personality
7. Public behavior
8. Any goal to work at Hollister or Ambercrombie and Fitch
9. Decibles of the bass in your pimped out car
10. How many 'bikini pool parties' you throw

Pick your poison.



Kristin May said...

Did you invent toolbag? I LOVE IT.

Summer said...

i love this. so very much. your the bestest blogger of all the bloggers out there.