Saturday, January 8, 2011

Dear 2011,

Please be good to me. Please send me to Europe or another awesome country... and get me a STELLAR paying job and please send me lots of money so i can pay for school and maybe a shirt or two. Let me get SUPER tan in the summer so I can go back to Hawaii and fit in with the natives. Teach me how to be crafty, 2011, so i can feel accomplished and domestic. Also, please make my committment issues go away, and magically make my decision making powers appear, because 2010 was full of wishy-washiness. I plan to come back to you in 2012, and i hope you have bestowed upon me at least 3 of these things, if i'm good. Thanks 2011.


PS you could throw in a DSLR i've been wanting for 5 years but dont have the guts to buy it.

PS again, if i don't lose 20 pounds, i'm swearing you off and don't ever expect to get a letter from me again.


Ry said...

Dear blogger: apparently you like my blog and i quite frankly love yours. I in all honesty don't think i know who cole linnae is and i don't recognize you from your photo. Anyway just thought i'd let you know i enjoy your humor

Anonymous said...

I really like your blog, and you probably already know this, but I just have to tell you, Europe just isn't country. At all.
Good luck in ending up there, though.

Anonymous said...

I like this blog. i don't like the part where you kind of say Europe is a country....

cole linnae said...

hahah i know...i realized i put 'country' and felt like a moron.

i am aware :)